How to Polish an Epoxy Table

The first information to be given in this regard is that the table polishing process does not consist of only the “epoxy table polishing” part. Because this stage is a indication of, the previous stages that is; how clean, conscious and skillful people are made. Epoxy table polishing is the last step. That is made after the general processes of the table are finished, revealing the clarity of the epoxy, wood tone and wood grain. This is the stage that we enjoy the most alos. Because the fruits of the labor given and the flawless work done are fully understood here.

In our epoxy table pictures below, photos of our table model before and after the sanding and paste processes have been shared.

Epoxy table. Before starting the sanding and paste processes.

How to polish an epoxy table? Which processes directly affect this stage?

Epoxy tables go through tough processes that must be carefully followed and followed by each stage. The most important factors that directly affect these processes are;

  1. Epoxy quality
  2. No additives in epoxy
  3. The mold to be used for the table is clean
  4. The trees to be used for the table must be cleaned completely
  5. The spilled epoxy has dried enough.
  6. Sandpaper type used for the table
  7. Protective oil to be used
  8. Varnish process to be done

If the above conditions are met, your epoxy table model will not have any problems.

After epoxy table sanding and paste processes are done.

What should be considered when doing epoxy table polishing?

  1. Selection of sandpaper to use.
  2. Making it on a flat surface

We have mentioned that in the epoxy table production stages, each stage is extremely dependent on each other. Failure at any stage may cause the table to be problematic and lead to irreversible results. Unfortunately, in such undesirable situations, nothing can be done. Therefore, epoxy products should be made by experts.

Our company , at the polishing stage of your table construction process, in this section where the clarity of epoxy, the grains and tones of the trees are completely revealed, together with our professional team, It makes work and completes all kinds of maintenance of your desk before handing it over to you. We can produce any size you want, any model you want, as well as shipping to anywhere in the country and abroad.