Our epoxy table models made of walnut and olive trees. We provide to shipping all over world.

Epoxy table models are among the most popular products that we have witnessed in many sectors recently.

What is Epoxy Table?

This type of table is actually the art of filling the adhesive material called epoxy resin on the tree (epoxy table coating) or between trees, on the basis of its name. However, since the production is a job that needs to be done very carefully, the production of epoxy table, which will result in a great disaster when it is done by non-experts, is an issue that should not be taken lightly. Epoxy table models are used in many places but of course it is one of the main areas of use for our homes to find themselves in living room sets. These products, which we can use even as a dining table, office table or coffee table, manage to conquer our hearts as an extremely attractive and stylish appearance.

How are Epoxy Table Models Produced?

Epoxy table models production covers many processes. The first phase of production begins with the processing and cleaning of the tree, which is ready in nature. It is possible to decide which tree to choose while producing these tables. The models of the tables are shaped according to the curves, tones and veins of the trees. The process of carving the tree, shaping it according to the planned decoration, milling it and varnishing it creates a skillfully made table. It is extremely important to work with people who are absolutely expert in this field. Although epoxy tables have become popular recently, it is possible to encounter many unsuccessful examples unfortunately. Since each stage of the construction process requires a separate workmanship and expertise, it is absolutely necessary to examine the portfolios of the companies on this subject and to cooperate in this regard. With our 25 years of mastery, it has always been our biggest vision to give you more than you expect about the epoxy tables you want.

Where Can I Use It?

Epoxy table models are mostly used in homes today. But offices; Cafes and restaurants are also among the places where epoxy tables are frequently used. The reason why epoxy table has taken such a place in our lives in the last 5 years is that it offers a very elegant and quality appearance. To see epoxy tables where you can present a quality look in your homes and offices with different designs, create your own recreational areas and add elegance to your living space, you can also directly contact us via our phone numbers and website contact.